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Highfield - Classic 360 PVC
  • Highfield - Classic 360 PVC


    The Highfield Classic 360 features a sturdy construction, with a rigid hull made from durable materials such as aluminum. This ensures its durability and stability while out on the water. The boat is designed to accommodate a small number of passengers, typically around two to three people.

    The Highfield Classic 360 usually comes equipped with basic amenities, including comfortable seating, storage compartments, and safety features like grab handles and lifelines. It may also have options for attaching accessories such as oars or an outboard motor.


    Standard features:


    ORCA® Hypalon or Valmex® PVC tube – Welded seams (PVC) – Flush mount non-return valves – High tensile chromated & powder coated aluminum hull – Bow locker (fits 6 gallon fuel tank) – Self-draining cockpit – Bilge pump attachment point – Integrated transom supports – Removable seat – Lifting points and towing eyes – Tow bridle points – Anti-slip EVA foam deck – Heavy duty rub strake – Full length keel guard – Tank strap kit – Padded under seat bag – Highfield dry bag – Foot pump, oars, repair kit

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