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Timber Floor - M360
  • Timber Floor - M360


    The Aurora Adventure Master (Slip-in marine ply floor) M-360 for sale is the ultimate boat in a bag offering similar characteristics and benefits as a rigid inflatable.  THE AURORA ADVENTURE M-360 is ideal for the exploring enthusiast who wants to get to the remotest of locations. Whether it be camping, 4x4, rafting or exploring, the Master is the one to choose. It can be used as a portable tender for the sailor and is perfect for exploring remote locations where other boats and cars cannot visit.

    The Master series offer a range of commercial applications, ranging from diving, law enforcement, construction and inland flood rescue.



    Overall Length


    Overall Beam


    Tube Diameter


    Number of Chambers


    Weight (Preliminary)


    Persons Capacity


    Recommended HP


    RDC Design Category



    Standard Equipment:

    Welded Inflatable Buoyancy Tube of Classic design

    3 Hermetically-separated chambers

    Inflatable Keep Providing correct “V” Shape in Hull

    Continuous 12mm Thick Marine-Ply Floor

    Precision Anodised-Aluminium Extruded Sections Enabling Perfect Jointing of Floor Surfaces

    Extremely Rugged Internal Transom for Outboard Motor with Fitted Plastic Plate for Mounting Motor

    Professional English valves “Leafield”, 4Pcs

    Full Outboard Protection Guards against Scuffing

    Drain Plug in Transom

    Safety Grab Ropes on Tubes

    Handle in Nose Also Serves as Towing Ring

    Twin Towing Rings

    2 Rear Mounted handles for Lifting Boat

    2 Removable Marine-Ply Seats

    Two Oars with Rowlocks, and Twin Tube-Mounted Oar Support

    Detachable Accessories bag to Install in Boat’s Nose

    Superb carrying and Storage bag

    Professional Foot Pump with Valve Adaptor

    Emergency Repair Kit in Plastic Container, Including Material and Adhesive

    Operation Manual


    Optional features:

    Sun and Wind-Proof Cabin-Style Cover Providing Protection for Occupants Against Inclement Weather

    Transportation Cover

    Accessories Bag with Soft Seat Cover, Locating on Wither of Boat’s Seats

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