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About Marine Co Group


Marine Co Group was founded by business partners Ben Pugh and Michael Blanch who have grown to be trusted names in the marine industry. Sharing over 20 years of invaluable experience, an unparalleled passion for boating and a dynamic and forward thinking approach, their vision has always been to create a one stop shop that caters to all of your boating needs. 


Ben and Michael’s dedication to their clients resonated throughout the market and Marine Co Group has flourished into a trusted community backed by a skilled team of professionals consisting of service, brokerage, operations, marketing, administration and sales departments.


The idea of Marine Co Group was more than just the establishment of a boat dealership; it marked the birth of a tailor-made bespoke boating experience where the best interests of you - our clients, are at the forefront of everything we do and is what truly sets us apart.

​At Marine Co Group, we believe in the importance of creating memories and we are here to offer you one of the most exceptional ways to do just that - through boating. Boating to us isn't just an activity, it's creating experiences with loved ones.


Our Values

Marine Co Group has been built on the core value that we weave passion into every aspect of the business, from assisting you in acquiring your perfect vessel to ensuring its lifelong care and servicing.

At Marine Co Group, we have assembled a team that echoes the same spirit, from our skilled mechanics who treat each vessel as their own, to our dedicated maintenance crew that ensures every voyage is seamless, to our customer service team that listens intently to your needs, and our branding experts who paint our identity with the hues of excellence.

Our Why

Marine Co Group was born out of a shared vision to provide a service unmatched by any other boat dealership.

At Marine Co Group, we're more than just service providers; the goal has always been to offer an all-inclusive solution for a seamless boating experience with the customer at the forefront of our mind every step of the way.

Marine Co Group strives to provide customers with a one stop bespoke boating experience and stamp our footprint Australia-wide.

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